Hi there, my name is Mara. I am a twenty-something freelance graphic designer and photographer based in Sydney. I am a 2011 graduate of Design in Visual Communication at UTS. I graduated with first class honours and submajored in photography. Studying Visual Communication allowed me to develop a broad skill set and a complex understanding of visual concepts as well as design theory.

I favour a minimalistic approach to design and am most happy when working with subtle colour and employing negative space. I specialise in design for print - especially book design - and have done work for clients such as New Holland Publishers and Wakefield Press. Other clients include Wynstan, MTV Australia and Feet First Ventures. I aim to create designs which are engaging and innovative yet able to be understood by designers and non-designers alike.

My design knowledge helps inform my approach to photography, working alongside important technical knowledge. I favour a photojournalistic approach, blending in with my surroundings as much as possible. For this reason, I especially love photographing weddings, working in a candid style to gently capture natural moments in a clean and simple, yet beautiful way.

My other loves extend to all things feline, 'quality' reality television and the frequent consumption of chocolate.

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